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The Fundamentals

  • 45 min
  • 17 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

There are some simple questions we've encounter of these years - "Is chess hard to learn"? "What are the best way to learn chess" or "How to learn chess or online chess"? The best thanks to learn chess with a program designed for beginners with easy and straightforward lessons to assist learn fast in group or private, supported Russian Chess Curriculum. In the Beginners program you will learn Fundamentals of Chess (Evaluate for pawn & pieces, Some special cases for draw. Checkmate by queen and rook. Excesses for checkmate. Opening- how to start games.) Get homework between training sessions to sure you're employed on your own. Practice sessions which are observed by the experienced instructors online and guide students analyze games. We have defined our curriculum as below Level -1 1. Introduction of Chess Board and Pieces 2. Objective and Functions of Chess Pieces 3. Attacking and Capturing 4. The Pawn 5. Defending 6. Check, Moving out of 7. Mate in 1 Move 8. Mate in 2 Move 9. Castling 10. The Profitable Exchange 11. The Twofold Attack 12. Mate or Stalemate 13. Matting with Queen, Rook, Double Bishop 14. The Notation 15. Tests Level -2 1. Piece Activity 2. Double Attack with the Queen 3. The Pin 4. Elimination the Defense 5. The Three Golden Rules 6. Mate in 2 7. Double Attack with the Knight 8. Discover Attack 9. Double Attack with the Rook 10. The Clearance 11. Tests Level -3 1. Opening Implementation 2. Discovered and Double Check 3. Attack on a Pinned Piece 4. Mate in Two 5. The Square 6. Pinned Pieces (Mating Attack) 7. Elimination of the Defense 8. Defend Against Double Attack 9. Draw 10. Battery 11. X-Ray Check and X-Ray Attack 12. Tempo 13. Defend Against a Pin 14. Traps 15. Maneuvering 16. Zugzwang 17. Zwischenzug 18. Discovered Attack / Windmill 19. Tests Improving in all areas of the game(opening, middle game, endgame) and progressing to Intermediate and Advanced level.

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