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Feel free to contact us for any enquiries regarding our Online Chess Classes.

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  • Why do I need a coach?
    A coach will support your child's learning and guide them to a better and complete understanding of the subject especially as the coach can focus solely on his or her needs. Competition for top places is extremely tough and coaching will give the extra edge when it comes to playing the tournaments. Private coaching also offers more than just knowledge - it provides students with the study skills which they'll need during their learning and the confidence to progress in life.
  • What is the earliest age one can start learning to play chess?
    There’re no age limits to enjoy the game. I find that even 4-5 year old can easily pick up a few things about chess if taught in a playful mode. They will get so many interesting Chess Puzzles from Online Chess Coaching.
  • Can a child master the game just by playing?
    Playing games is definitely beneficial in gaining practice. Even though combining playing and studying chess regularly is the key to a rapid improvement.
  • Is one hour of practice per week enough to become good at chess?
    In the online chess classes our coaches would like you to work on chess an hour a week plus little bit practic, online puzzile soluation and many other six days of the week to start with
  • What else we will get apart from your class?
    We will provide you some of the best chess books in PDF and also we will arrange to provide you free chess games in your device so you can watch and study chess games played by World Champions.
  • Is Online Chess Classes easy to understand?
    Yes. We have very reliable, convenient and comprehensive chess programme student can easyly learn from that.
  • What are the upcoming chess events in Online Chess?
    There are so many online chess competition is going on Worldwide. If you are interested to perticipate in any of these event. We will guide to enroll for the same.
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